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Darrin Trailsong lies at the crossroads of his past and future. Can he master his past and live to see a bright future...? Only the fates will decide, as a rogue bloodhunter mage continues to weave his dark spells across the land...
"Holy [expletive deleted]! An Update!" Update 11/17/2002: --POSTED NEW WORK: Guess what, folks... THE MAP IS FINALLY UP!! (Except for those two very unclean lines to take care of...) --POSTED NEW WORK: The pantheon is finally up, at long last. --POSTED NEW WORK: "Swan's Song: A Fantasy Idyl" --Updated kudos in the 'How Garidon Came to Be' section --Posted revised editions of three short stories: --"To Swim Forever" --"The Tiger and the Lady" --"The Heart's Quest" (formerly "Quest of the Heart") Officially, for the first time since this site went active in February 1998, all links on this site are active and should work. Hallelujah.

Garidon Links

IRC Roleplaying!!
Oddly enough, there are a couple of IRC Channels where you can interact with Garidon characters. The server is irc.sorcery.net, port 9000. The channel: #WanderingAssassin for IC (In Character) play, #BonsaiOaks for OOC (Out of Character) chat.
Game Base 7
Game Base 7, a worldwide organization dedicated to promoting gaming in all forms and all ways. (Check out the little blurb on DEN-- another Chris Ahrnsbrak RPG project!)
Garidon Main Page
The Garidon Gatepage, including links to the rest of the site.
Short Story List
The quickest way to get to the one of the most fun parts of the site.
How Garidon Came to Be
Self explanatory, including a long-overdue list of kudos to some very important people.
Garidon Submissions Page
Guidelines for submitting to the Garidon site. Submissions can include characters and art; short stories using either characters listed on the site or characters of your own are especially welcomed.

This gate to Garidon has been passed through times.

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